Braxon® is a synthesis between the most advanced biomaterial and the most conservative anatomical impact for the patient.

Braxon® is a pre-shaped porcine Acellular Dermal Matrix (ADM) which allows the tailoring around the breast implant and is fixed above the pectoralis muscle, which is kept intact. Having chosen the size and shape of the implant, the customised preparation to fit around the silicone implant is carried out on a sterile work surface.

Covered by 3 patents, the Braxon® shape perfectly matches the contours of the choice of implant.

Braxon® Development

Braxon® is the result of the experience which has developed in the field of tissue bio-engineering joined with that of clinical practice aiming to create a more conservative surgical procedure.

The study of the biomaterial’s regenerative capacity applied together with the constantly ambitious challenges in the field of reconstructive surgery has led to the emergence today of an innovative surgical technique which signals a further enhancement in the field of one-step breast reconstruction.

The one-step breast reconstruction, when indicated, has highlighted important benefits for the patient, who recovers her physical integrity in a single operation, together with significant cost savings for the health economy.

Innovations in the field of biomaterial have contributed in a major way to enabling this new operation to substantially improve the cosmetic outcomes of immediate breast reconstruction.

Innovation of Braxon

The Braxon® implant is made of porcine dermal extracellular matrix (*) with a thickness of 0.6 mm.

The exclusive production process has been developed with the aim of generating a completely natural product (not crossed linked) without the presence of any chemical substance which can amplify the inflammatory response and slow the pathway of tissue regeneration.

The native proteic structure provides the benefit of immediate bio-availability for incorporation into the host tissue with lower inflammatory responses such as seroma or the red-skin flare phenomenon seen following the implantation of other biomaterials used in breast reconstruction.

The natural Braxon® matrix is made of native proteic polymers derived from acellularized porcine dermis (collagen). The body recognises it as its own, and transforms it into self tissue through the natural regenerative process (remodelling).



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