Welcome to Raise Healthcare

Raise Healthcare is one of the UK’s leading specialist medical device distributors. Established as a leader in promoting innovative solutions to the market for the medical industry, Raise Healthcare strives to improve the quality of lives for all our product users. With continual development, we strive to provide superior products at competitive prices combined with optimum customer service.


We care about you

At Raise Healthcare our vision is simple: To work today for a better tomorrow. Everything we do at Raise Healthcare is to put individual patient and healthcare professional needs and requirements first. We believe that patients require the best available healthcare services with the best equipment and devices manufactured in the world so treatment sought is provided to the highest attainable standard.

We work closely with healthcare professionals to understand their needs and demands in providing optimal medical care, and we invest time and resources with talking to patients, so we can assist and provide exceptional quality products exceeding industry standards.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Superior quality products, exceptional customer service combined with advanced industry leading technology is what we provide for all our users.


To work today for a better tomorrow, providing superior value to the medical industry using innovative solutions and premier research methods. We will be pushing the boundaries for progression by raising industry standards with continual development.


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